woensdag 18 november 2015

Behind the scenes: Workspace

As promised a little sneak peek into my workspace, so you can see where most of my products are designed. The ideas for new products usually come to mind at very different times and places (that's why designers always carry a notebook around ;) but developing an idea into an actual product happens in this room (and in the workshop, since I swear by making prototypes and experimenting with materials and techniques, but more about that in another ‘behind the scenes’ ;).
I used to rent a studio for work, but when I moved to a bigger house with a very nice and bright room overlooking the garden I couldn't wait to turn it into my workspace.

Since I love bright colors and the weather in The Netherlands can be a bit grey, I decided to paint the wall behind my desk yellow. I actually have two desks, one for working on the computer and a big drawing table towards the window. The computer desk was made by my parents when I was still in primary school. I didn’t use it for a really long time, but now it suddenly works very well again :)

My cat also loves the fact that I work at home and always stops by to inspect my work. Especially new objects are very interesting, but she always ends up coming over for a cuddle and falling asleep on my shoulder. Not very good for my productivity, but very cozy ;)